A Settlement History of Okeeheepkee: Community Organization at the Lake Jackson Site in Florida




Nowak, Jesse Colin

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This thesis presents the results from archival analyses, remote sensing, and excavation surveys at the Lake Jackson Mounds State Park in Tallahassee, Florida. Lake Jackson (8LE1), is a seven mound site that has been associated with the Fort Walton Period (A.D. 1200–1600) and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex via ornate funerary objects. This thesis addressed problems of a lack of data outside the site core by surveying previously unexplored areas of the site and consolidating previous published and unpublished archaeological work to provide a more comprehensive report of site design traits. Results include the first off–mound remote sensing data, new digital maps, a revised site boundary, and an expanded sequence of site development beyond the mound precinct. These results allowed a comparison of the major design elements from Lake Jackson to older Floridian cultures and to traits associated with cultures labeled Mississippian. Results show that Lake Jackson exhibited traits categorized as Mississippian beyond exotic trade goods and enforced theories that Lake Jackson was a Mississippian–style variant that incorporated local environmental factors and the long earthwork tradition of prehistoric Florida.



Lake Jackson, Florida archaeology, Remote sensing, Mississippian archaeology


Nowak, J. C. (2017). <i>A settlement history of Okeeheepkee: Community organization at the Lake Jackson site in Florida</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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