The Accuracy of Polar "OwnCal" in Estimating Energy Expenditure During Aerobic Dance Bench Stepping




Lowe, Annie L.

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This study examined the accuracy of the Polar F6 heart rate monitor (HRM) in estimating energy expenditure (EE) using one's predicted maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and maximal heart rate (HRmax) (PHRM), and also to determine if the use of one's actual measured VO2max and HRmax (AHRM) improves the accuracy during aerobic dance bench stepping (ADBS) in females. Thirty-two females ( age 18-25) of average fitness level followed a 20-minute ADBS routine while wearing both PHRM and AHRM. When compared to indirect calorimerty (IC), the PHRM and AHRM significantly overestimated EE by 28% (2.4 kcalmin-1) and 27% (2.0 kcalmin-1), respectively. There were no significant differences between the PHRM and AHRM. In conclusion, the Polar F6 is inaccurate in estimating EE during ADBS for college-age females.



aerobic dancing, exercise for women, heart rate monitoring


Lowe, A. L. (2008). The accuracy of polar "OwnCal" in estimating energy expenditure during aerobic dance bench stepping (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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