Establishing a Freelance Communication Design Business in Colombia




Gattis, Lindsay

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American Communication Design graduates have two main directions in which to take their careers. Graduates may decide to work for a design firm looking to hire individual designers full time or part-time, or the option of freelancing. For either of these career paths, some graduates may work in America and others may focus on foreign countries for employment. Currently there are blogs and books about finding a job in a foreign country but there is little written about starting a business in a foreign country. There is less still written about starting a communication design business in a foreign country. This research explains the process of constructing a brand and a marketing strategy to establish a communication design business in Colombia. The author interviewed Colombian business owners as well as traveled to Colombia to obtain first-hand knowledge of the traditions and culture of the country. The author also summarized available data published by secondary sources. Although this paper discusses the process while focusing on Colombia, a similar process could be applied to any foreign country by showcasing the areas of research to focus on: legal barriers, cultural barriers, marketing strategy, and brand development.



communication design, graphic design, start-up business, Colombia, marketing a creative business, Honors College


Gattis, L. (2010). Establishing a freelance communication design business in Colombia (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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