Ask the Editor! Secrets to Success in Getting Past the Editor's Desk




Shields, Patricia M.

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This presentation is part of a panel of journal editors sponsored by the Texas State Faculty Development Department in April of 2024. Between 40 and 80% of journal submissions are reject by the editor and do not go through the blind peer review process. This presentation discusses major problems that lead to desk rejects and ways to strengthen a submission so that it does move forward to peer review. A manuscript that does not align well with the journal’s mission is the most likely reason for a desk reject. Author’s should do their homework and get to know the journal they are targeting. The journal’s website is a good resource. The presentation also discusses issues around the abstract, introduction, sources used, methodology, and overall quality of the submission that taken as a whole can lead to a desk reject. I use examples from the journal I have edited since 2001-- Armed Forces & Society an interdisciplinary and international journal with a 1.4 impact factor ranked in both sociology and political science.



publishing, scholarly publishing, submissions, editorial process


Shields, P. M. (2024). Ask the editor! Secrets to success in getting past the editor's desk. Faculty Development Panel, Texas State University.


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