Miniaturization of Computer Mouse as a Wearable Device




Manda, Ooha Reddy

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Wearable computing is one of the fastest growing technologies today. Smartwatches are poised that it can take over more than half of the wearable devices market in the near future. Smartwatch screen size is a limiting factor for its growth, as it restricts incorporating special touch features. On the other hand, wearable devices have some unique features, like reliable user interaction and hands-free operations. This thesis proposes a new computer mouse for smart watches or for hand pad which utilizes touchscreen sensor and microcontroller to detect and operate the stylus movement. The communication between the smart watch and the computer is done by using Bluetooth technology. This device is computationally intensive and inexpensive when compared to other existing mouse designs. It is compatible with android phones, laptops, and computers.



Wearable device


Manda, O. R. (2017). <i>Miniaturization of computer mouse as a wearable device</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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