Parental Perceptions of Coaching




Allen, Kimberly
Baker, Tara
Behnke, Andrew O.

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Oxford Brookes University Business School


Family Life Coaching (FLC) is an emerging approach to serving families that blends family science and coaching psychology. While family life coaching is growing, there is limited research on the perceptions of families about coaching. This study explores parental knowledge of and opinions of family life coaching as a way to help deal with parenting issues across the life course. Findings from this mixed methods study support parental preferences of family life coaching and further suggest that parents support the idea of hiring a family life coach or coaching professional to assist in meeting their goals.



family life coaching, parental perceptions, coaching psychology, family science, parent coaching, Family and Consumer Sciences


Allen, K., Baker, T., & Behnke, A. (2018). Parental perceptions of coaching. International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 16(1), pp. 66-79.


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