The Persistence of Black Males in the STEM Fields at Texas State University




Day, Beverly Woodson

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For the past five years, enrollment in the College of Science and Engineering by first-time undergraduate students has steadily increased. However, retaining the students through their first-year and their persistence to their second year of college and beyond has been problematic. The purpose of this study is to add to the knowledge of why Black students, specifically Black men, are not persisting at Texas State University in the STEM majors. It will also determine if specific factors like the SAT scores, parent’s education, high school rank, college GPA, college science and math courses (physics, math, biology and chemistry), college credits earned and average GPA in all science and math college courses predict college preparation and college performance for all students and for Black male students.



Black males, Black students, STEM fields, STEM majors, Persistence, College Preparation, College Performance


Day, B. W. (2015). <i>The persistence of black males in the STEM fields at Texas State University</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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