Exploring the Manosphere: An Ethnographic Look into the Online Men's Rights Movement and Social Media




Naser, Manar

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This capstone project examines the digital manifestation of the men's rights movement known as the Manosphere, which has been associated with sexism and misogyny. The Manosphere is composed of four main groups: men's rights activists, men going their own way (MGTOWs), pick-up artists (PUAs), and involuntary celibates (incels). Through this project, we chronicle the history of the men's rights movement and its migration to the digital space. We then analyzed the underlying ideology of the Manosphere and explore how it spreads to the young men who are susceptible to it. To gain insights into the proliferation of the Manosphere, we conducted semi-structured interviews with young men who are actively online and have interacted with or come across the Manosphere. Our findings demonstrate that the Manosphere is a community-driven movement that disseminates its ideology through personal relationships within the group.



manosphere, men's rights, social media, incels


Naser, M. (2023). Exploring the manosphere: An ethnographic look into the online men's rights movement and social media. Honors College, Texas State University.


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