How Do You Work? Understanding User Needs for Responsive Study Space Design




Hegde, Asha L.
Boucher, Tricia M.
Lavelle, Allison D.

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Association of College and Research Libraries


To design learning commons study spaces responsive to user needs, the study spaces programming team at Texas State University created a survey focused on (1) how faculty and students like to work and (2) inspirational environmental attributes. Results from 199 respondents indicate that (1) 85 percent prefer to study/work alone, and (2) environmental parameters noise/sound, light, and links to nature most affect work/study space quality. Removing the concept of library from the survey provided generalized results about study/work environments, suggesting that well designed study spaces can occur anywhere on campuses that serve large populations with a single library.



user needs, responsive study space design, libraries, universities, Family and Consumer Sciences


Hegde, A. L., Boucher, T. M. & Lavelle, A. D. (2018). How do you work? Understanding user needs for responsive study space design. College & Research Libraries, 79(7), pp. 895-915.


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