Interview with Ken Metz and an Analysis of His Work Songs From Mother Goose




Carter-Cohn, Aaron

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In an interview conducted in February of 2008 by the author, Ken Metz speaks about his experiences as a composer-professor. Topics addressed in the interview include Metz’ development as a composer, his compositional language, his approach to teaching music theory and composition, and the state of contemporary art composition. An analysis of Metz’ song cycle Songs from Mother Goose follows the interview, with an exploration of Mother Goose Rhymes as an art song text and a movement-by-movement discussion of the work. The wide variety of compositional techniques found in the work, along with the incorporation of folk styles, speak to Metz’ diverse language as an art composer. Conclusions are drawn about art composition and music education.



composers, United States, interviews


Carter-Cohn, A. (2009). Interview with Ken Metz and an analysis of his work Songs from Mother Goose (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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