Who Holds the Power: Factors Associated with Shared Decision Making Regarding Psychotropic Medication




Elliott, Tiffani A.

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Shared decision making between consumers and providers is associated with improved health outcomes. However, we know very little about shared decision making with regard to outpatient mental health treatment, particularly with regard to the use of psychotropic medication. Using quantitative survey methods, this research seeks to understand attitudes about the use of medication for mental healthcare amongst Texas State University students; it then examines factors associated with the likelihood of engaging in shared decision making with providers. Many endorse the efficacy of medication but also have concerns and prefer that medication be used after other treatment modalities and on a short-term basis. People who had concerns about medication took them despite their uncertainty indicating a lack of shared decision making with their provider. Socioeconomic status and age were found to be significant predictors of one’s confidence to engage in shared decision making. Implications of these findings are discussed.



Mental healthcare, Psychotropic medication, Shared decision making, Doctor-patient relationship


Elliott, T. A. (2021). <i>Who holds the power: Factors associated with shared decision making regarding psychotropic medication</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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