A Scoping Review to Explore the Potential Benefits of Nutrition Interventions for Latino/a Adult Cancer Survivors in the US




Johnson, Cassandra M.
Stubblefield, Emily
Godinich, Brandon M.
Walker, Miranda
Salcedo Price, Ramona
Allicock, Marlyn A.

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Despite evidence for the role of healthy diets in preventing cancer, little is known about how nutrition can support positive health outcomes after a cancer diagnosis for Latino/a cancer survivors in the United States (U.S.). The purpose of this scoping review is to understand the potential benefits of nutrition interventions in supporting healthy survivorship among Latino/a cancer survivors in the U.S. A team compiled, evaluated, and summarized the available evidence. Potentially relevant studies were identified from a comprehensive search of peer-reviewed databases and the gray literature. Eligible studies included Latino/a adult cancer survivors with a nutrition education, dietary change, or behavioral intervention; and a nutrition-related health outcome. Data were extracted and summarized using tables. The review included 10 randomized controlled trials, with samples or subsamples of Latino/a cancer survivors. Interventions mostly focused on breast cancer survivors. The results showed some evidence that dietary behaviors, like fruit and vegetable intake, were related to positive outcomes, like a decreased risk of cancer (through changes in DNA methylation), decreased risk breast cancer recurrence (through changes in inflammatory biomarkers), or improved perception of health status. The findings highlight a need for community-engaged and culturally relevant nutrition interventions for Latino/a adults, especially for rural communities; and innovative intervention approaches, including m/ehealth approaches with long-term follow-up.


This article belongs to the Special Issue Nutrition and Lifestyle Interventions for Cancer Survivors.


Latino cancer survivors, cancer survivorship, experimental designs, nutrition intervention, cancer disparity, cancer equity


Johnson, C. M., Stubblefield, E., Godinich, B. M., Walker, M., Salcedo Price, R., & Allicock, M. A. (2023). A scoping review to explore the potential benefits of nutrition interventions for Latino/a Adult cancer survivors in the US. Nutrients, 15(23), 4963.


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