A View on Components of Software and Application Programming in Distributed Environments




Wijono, Jeffrey

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We describe a view of application design in the modem programming environment in which reusability of software, network transparent display, and processing, vertically and horizontally, play an important role. We provide a toolkit for creating applications. We address reusability and probe the ways for adding to or customizing the functionality of existing applications. The toolkit consists of a transformation library, a communication library, and a control and display library. The transformation library converts the output of applications to a standard form. The user is free to manipulate the data which is then normally sent to a display process for display. For example, we can consider a UNIX command like 'ps -ef as an application. The output of this application displays the user ID, process ID, parent process ID, Stime, TTY, time, and command to the standard output. The control library is used to invoke the command repeatedly, with a given frequency, for the purpose of monitoring the processes. By using the transformation library, the output of this application will be converted to a standard form, a table that consists of rows and columns. A row represents a process and a column represents one of the attributes of the ps -ef command. Using this table the user program will enhance this UNIX command working in concert with the display process which has been created using functions from the display library which currently, as an example, consists of a few process independent widgets created using Motif toolkit. All communication is accomplished using functions from the communication library.



computer software, software compatibility, application software


Wijono, J. (1992). A view on components of software and application programming in distributed environments (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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