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Ney, Charles

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My project involved assessing the direction of contemporary Shakespearean production in the U.S. While the grant targeted 8 major U.S. Shakespeare theatres, over the course of the last year I actually met with a total of 14 artistic directors. I observed some 26 productions from coast to coast. In the interviews we discussed current directorial approaches and concerns as well as working methods for preparing Shakespeare plays for production. In addition (and outside of the original intentions of this grant) I talked with another 26 directors, associate artistic directors and dramaturges. I also attended the Shakespeare Theatre Association of America’s annual conference and interviewed other artistic directors there. From this research, I have delivered one conference paper and had an article published in the highly prestigious American Theatre. The increased number of interviews and theatres in this study has considerably enlarged its scope and breadth. It has allowed me to evaluate the remarks made by these directors with a greater pool of raw data. I have completed all artistic director transcriptions and reported some results in the American Theatre article cited above. I have finished an overview chapter, “Shakespeare Across America.” I am in the process of completing the remaining transcriptions. This study’s research results will be part of a book, Directing Shakespeare in America: 21st Century Perspectives to be published in 2006/2007.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Shakespearean production, Shakespeare theatres, Shakespeare plays, American Theatre


Ney, C. (2004). <i>Issues in staging Shakespeare today</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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