Advanced ZigBee Network With Greater Range and Longevity




Shifa, Tasneem Khan

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<p>With the rapid development of Internet of Things networks (IoT), a new type of wireless standard, ZigBee, has emerged in order to satisfy the demand of low power dissipation, low cost, and easy deployment among wireless communication devices. In the currently developed ZigBee system, all transmitters use a common spreading code which can result in a large number of message collisions. A promising new system using multiple spreading codes has previously been proposed to increase system throughput, reduce collisions, and increase energy efficiency or range, but it has only been evaluated with constant message lengths and single hop topology. Systems with such restrictions represent only a small subset of IoT networks. For our research, we aim to evaluate the system with variable message length and multiple hopping topology. We will consider a large network with many sensors which are out of the limited range of the coordinator but which can transmit messages through a router, which involves two hops. Therefore, our new proposed multiple hop system has larger range and longevity compared to the single hop proposed system and reduced collisions compared to the current ZigBee system.</p> <p>We have implemented the code in MATLAB and run multiple simulations in terms of varying the amount of message traffic, message length and number of CAP slots. By comparing each data set and its graphical representation, the results show that our new proposed system has higher success rates than the current system. Our findings determine suitability for a much larger set of IoT systems and applications and may suggest protocol changes that can produce further improvements to increase reliability and security, range, operating life, and throughput of ZigBee systems. This will be significant for enabling new applications and attracting more customers. So, with the design of high-performance ZigBee wireless communication networks, it will have a broad application space in real life.</p>



ZigBee, IoT, Multiple hop, Range, Longevity, MATLAB


Shifa, T. K. (2021). <i>Advanced ZigBee network with greater range and longevity</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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