Effect of Telehealth on Mental Health Therapy [paper]




Daniel, Alison

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This literature review assesses if therapy delivered via telehealth is comparable to face-to-face therapy. Telehealth is on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be used daily across the United States. Method: A literature search of articles focusing on how telehealth affects patient outcomes and satisfaction. Articles were found through UpToDate, Texas State University Library, and PubMed. Results: Telehealth was as successful as face-to-face therapy based on studies. Barriers and benefits were identified during the review. Barriers include connection issues, hearing/visual impairment, and impaired communication. Benefits of telehealth include accessibility, reduced commute time, and cost-effectiveness. Discussion: Therapy via telehealth is comparable to face-to-face in most circumstances. More research should be done on varying psychiatric illnesses and their severity. A training or certification course could be beneficial to educate providers on laws, techniques, and strategies to improve telehealth experiences for patients.



telehealth, therapy, mental health, face-to-face, Nursing


Daniel, A. (2021). Effect of telehealth on mental health therapy [Report]. St. David's School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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