Between the Arcades and Arcadia




Housefield, James

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This project, which began as an investigation of art and geography in Paris, expanded to become a broader study of the interrelationships between art, geography, and geology. As a result of the research sponsored by this grant, the P.I. has prepared a book prospectus detailing the first extended study to evaluate the historical importance that the city of Paris played in the simultaneous development of modern geographic thought and modern art. In addition, this grant supported research into the importance of geography and geology for a number of American artists ranging from the nineteenth-century painter Thomas Cole to the modern and contemporary artists Joseph Cornell, Roxy Paine, and Robert Smithson. Three conference presentations and one book prospectus resulted from this grant. Four scholarly essays were made possible by this grant three are under review, and one will appear in an edited volume.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


art, geography, geology, Paris


Housefield, J. (2004). <i>Between the arcades and Arcadia</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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