Latinx Parent and Family Engagement within the Bilingual Community: Inviting la Loca to Inform the Ignorant Systems




Narvaez, Maria G.

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This study examined the conceptual framework of the Community Learning Exchange (CLE) in practice at a Title I bilingual campus, Faith Elementary (a pseudonym). The aim of this study was to inform readers of the non-visible parent engagement that exists within culturally aligned methods. The research questions that helped to guide the study were: What are the testimonios of immigrant Latinx parents who have children in a bilingual program in defining parent and family engagement? What are the parent narratives shared to effectively bridge the gap between conventional forms of engagement and cultural practices with Spanish-speaking only Latinx parents and families? How can we implement institutional (systemic) cultural change and build an inclusive environment to better serve our marginalized Spanish Latinx parents of emergent bilinguals? This study was inspired based on the lived experiences of the researcher’s parents and the parent experiences shared with the researcher as a bilingual director in three districts. The literature analysis included current literature on parent engagement, data on Hispanic families, barriers that exist for Latinx parents, and understanding Latinx through a cultural perspective and not a marginalized group. The methodology used for this study was group and individual pláticas to capture the testimonios of three Latinx Spanish-speaking parents and their view of parent engagement through the lens of a parent of a student participating in the bilingual program. Results of the data analysis showed parents are highly involved and engaged through the ecologies of knowing and the axioms, specifically in the area of parental engagement. Home-based involvement was predicted and seen throughout the data, thus informing the readers to consider culturally aligned methods when making efforts to include Latino parents in their children’s schooling. The recommendations and implications will add value to the culturally aligned methods used within the homes of Latinx parents and the suggestions for schools to practice, helping to close the gap between schools and Latinx Spanish-speaking parents. The process of rendition was used throughout this study showcasing what parents were saying during the pláticas.



parent engagement, Pláticas, testimonios, culturally aligned methods


Narváez, M. G. (2023). Latinx parent and family engagement within the bilingual community: Inviting la loca to inform the ignorant systems (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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