Ecological Characterization of the Blanco River Basin, Texas




Arsuffi, Tom
Bonner, Timothy H.
Groeger, Alan
Rose, Frances
Simpson, Randy
Bryan, Debbie
Curran, Joanna
Caldwell, Sally
Longley, Glenn
Jennings, Marshall

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The Nature Conservancy of Texas has developed a partnership with Texas State University – San Marcos, Texas to fill these important data gaps so that the Conservation Area planning may be successfully completed. These data gaps include specific information on aquatic habitat but also on the hydrological processes of rainfall-runoff, spring flow from local aquifers, and base-flow definition in the River and its tributaries. In addition, it was recognized that socio-economic analyses must be a part of the planning process. Under the direction of the International Institute For Sustainable Water Resources, Texas State University – San Marcos, a team of faculty and students was assembled from four Departments (Aquatic Biology, EARDC, Geography, Sociology) and from the facilities of the Edwards Aquifer Research & Data Center. This report represents the first year interim report of this team. It should be recognized that this report is a work in progress -- data collection and analysis is continuing for some study elements and is just beginning for others. A final report will be completed in 2006.



drainage, water quality, Blanco River, Cypress Creek Watershed


Arsuffi, T., Bonner, T., Groeger, A., Rose, F., Simpson, R., Bryan, D., Curran, J., Caldwell, S., Longley, G., Jennings, M., & Sansom, A. (2004). Ecological characterization of the Blanco River Basin, Texas (Report No. 2004-01). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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