Brazen Bullying Behaviors within U.S. Football




Murley, William D.

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Bullying is one of the most prominent social issues being faced across the world today. This research aimed to detail the problems associated with bullying and hazing behaviors within the context of U.S. football. For the purpose of this project, the term “bullying” will be operationally defined as an “imbalanced relationship with reoccurring negative interactions.” Similarly, “hazing” will be defined as “the imposition of difficult and degrading initiation rituals.” Finally, the word “sport” will be operationally defined as “an activity that requires skill in which an individual or team competes.” Although research has been performed identifying how organized sports can reduce bullying, far too little work has been done identifying the potential negative effects. This literature review will describe the study of bullying, assert the distinction between hazing and bullying, address existing research and the gaps within it, and finally persuade the reader to enlighten themselves on an under-reported subject. Results from this thesis derived that the terms bullying and hazing are often misused and interchanged, and concluded that more research must be completed to fully understand the relationship between sports and bullying behaviors.



bullying, hazing, sport, football, Honors College


Murley, W. D. (2022). Brazen bullying behaviors within U.S. football (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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