Women4Peace: Transformative Learning through International Collaboration and Peacebuilding




Norton, Christine
Mora, Jorge Andres
Boden, Carrie J.
Ambriz, America

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University of Central Oklahoma


Recent literature suggests that education abroad programs provide a unique opportunity for transformative learning experiences (Gibson, 2017). This paper examines one such approach through a case study of an international exchange program called Women4Peace that offered education abroad opportunities for students and faculty from the United States and Colombia. This program was developed to intentionally maximize opportunities for transformative learning that could enhance key skills for global citizenship, including empathy, collaboration and self-awareness (Hanson, 2010). This paper provides a detailed summary of the Women4Peace initiative, along with a historical and sociopolitical rationale for the program. This paper also presents strategies that Women4Peace employed to maximize transformative learning among participant to contribute to peacebuilding efforts in Colombia. Student and faculty reflections are provided to highlight the transformative learning that occurred during Women4Peace.



transformative learning, international education, international collaboration, women, peace building, Social Work


Norton, C. L., Mora, J. A., Boden, C. J., Ambriz, A. (2020). Women4Peace: Transformative learning through international collaboration and peacebuilding. Journal of Transformative Learning, 7(1), pp. 23- 32.


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