Use of Public Space Between School, Lake, and Park




Velazquez, Lucia

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The public space that was selected for this field study was the surroundings of one of the oldest high schools in Austin, Texas: Austin High School. It is located at the side of a major highway, multiple bridges, and across the street from the popular Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake. The combination of these places has made the environment prone to numerous inappropriate and dangerous situations due to the heterogeneity of the population and the neglected environment. The high school itself is obsolete in multiple ways and the surroundings of its location offer the students and visitors of the area the opportunity to participate in deviant behaviors. Fortunately, dangerous situations and deviant behaviors can be prevented by eliminating such opportunities. This public space can benefit from improving the environmental and surveillance design with the application of certain strategies suggested by middle range theories, such as: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Routine Activities Approach, Opportunity Theory, and Problem Oriented Policing Strategy.



Hangouts, Routine activities, Crime prevention, Problem oriented policing, Qualitative research, Public space, Public high schools, Delinquency, Juvenile justice system


Velazquez, L. (2015). <i>Use of public space between school, lake, and park</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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