The Effect of Media Influence on Body Image: The Role of Locus of Control and Dietary Restraint




Maris, Jamison

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Locus of control, media influence, and dietary restraint have all been associated with changes in body image satisfaction. Undergraduate women (n=167) completed the restraint subscale of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire, the Dieting Beliefs Scale, and the Contour Drawing Rating Scale after viewing media images. Half of the participants viewed product advertisements which featured an extremely thin model, and the other half of participants viewed advertisements which featured the product only. The manipulation of the media images did not produce any significant differences in body image. Locus of control and dietary restraint were positively correlated, but did not correlate with body image. These findings were contrary to the hypotheses, and reasons for these findings as well as limitations are discussed.



Body image, Mass media, Influence


Maris, J. (2006). <i>The effect of media influence on body image: The role of locus of control and dietary restraint</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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