Parenting and Centrality: The Role of Life Meaning as a Mediator for Parenting and Language Broker Role Identity




Sim, Lester
Kim, Su Yeoung
Zhang, Minyu
Shen, Yishan

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Language brokering is a prevalent phenomenon in ethnic minority immigrant populations. Although accruing evidence points to the beneficial impacts of healthy role identity development, research investigating the formation of a language broker role identity in language brokering adolescents is lacking in the literature. In a sample of 604 Latinx adolescents (54.3% female; M<sub>age</sub> at Time 1 = 12.41, SD = .97), structured equation modeling was conducted with maternal warmth and hostility examined as antecedents and adolescents' life meaning as a mediator for language broker role identities. Results revealed that life meaning mediated the positive association from maternal warmth to language broker role identity. However, the negative association from maternal hostility to language broker role identity was no longer significant when accounting for maternal warmth. Corroborating extant findings, reciprocal relations were observed between maternal parenting practices, life meaning and language broker role identity. The results attest to the importance of investigating culturally specific role identity development in immigrant populations and demonstrates the role of maternal parenting practices in affecting adolescents' role identity formation, albeit with contrasting gender effects.



life meaning, maternal hostility, maternal warmth, language broker role identities, Family and Consumer Sciences


Sim, L., Kim, S. Y., Zhang, M., & Shen, Y. (2019). Parenting and centrality: The role of life meaning as a mediator for parenting and language broker role identity. Journal of Youth and Adolescence: A Multidisciplinary Research Publication, 48(3), pp. 510-526.


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