Consumer M-Shopping Similarities and Differences by Life Stage




McDonald, Imani N.

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M-shopping, or transactions processed on mobile devices, now makes up more than a third of all business-to-consumer transactions in e-commerce (Hubert et al., 2017). Although m-shopping can be completed from any mobile device, m-shopping activities are performed on smartphones in most cases, and businesses have responded by creating digital interfaces tailored to the smartphone. However, academic literature fails to address the specifics of m-shopping activities as well as the distinction between m-shopping and e-shopping. This research utilizes qualitative methods to explore participants’ mobile shopping experiences on smartphones. Previous research has suggested that shopping activities in traditional stores differ between user groups (Dholakia, 1999). Mobile shopping activities may also vary depending on the customer’s characteristics (Fuentes and Svingstedt, 2017). Leaning on these two perspectives, this study investigates the differences and similarities between and within different life stage groups. Identifying these similarities and differences informs retailers’ efforts to target and design for various user groups. This literature contributes to the retail, m-commerce, and consumer behavior literature by exploring m-shopping activities, perceptions, and differences within life stage groups. Findings of this research include information on frequency and attitudes of m-shopping among users based on life stages, which may affect the way a consumer approaches m-shopping activities, and the perceived risks that each life stage group holds.



M-shopping, Mobile shopping, Life stage


McDonald, I. N. (2020). <i>Consumer m-shopping similarities and differences by life stage</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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