Stage Managers Don't Make Coffee Anymore




Russell, Bryan

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Stage management is an all-encompassing job that requires a wide range of skills for a stage manager to successfully support and execute a show. They must possess practical knowledge of both the creation and production aspects of theatre, as they need to successfully communicate with personnel from both branches, and ultimately marry the two in performances. College theatre programs across Texas utilize a wide variety of educational components to teach students the necessary skills to become a successful stage manager. Their approaches predominantly consist of classroom instruction, textbook tutelage, or practical application through stage managing shows produced by the theatre program. This work argues that a comprehensive approach incorporating use of all three of these educational components will produce the best results where training and career preparation are concerned for beginning stage managers. While each approach has unique educational value, one single approach can only prepare students so much. Without the combined inclusion of supporting texts, classroom preparation, and practical application, students will not have a well-rounded perspective on stage management, which is essential for professional stage managers.



stage management, theatre, education, technical theatre, actor's Equity, Honors College


Russell, B. T. (2013). Stage managers don't make coffee anymore (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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