Generational Differences Among Police Officers




Duron, Aaron

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Many studies have examined differences in personality, values, and work ethics, between people from different generations. However, one of the biggest deficits in the generational differences knowledge is that little, if any, research has been done regarding generational differences in criminal justice. The purpose of this project was empirically to determine whether generational differences actually exist in policing organizations. Physical surveys examining generational differences were given to active duty police officers who are members of both Generation X and Generation Y. The officers were selected from the San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, and New Braunfels police departments. Using the survey originally developed by Gursoy, Geng-Qing Chi, and Karadag (2013), the study examined seven factors such as work centrality and leadership to determine whether generational differences exist among police officers. The results suggest that, while generational differences do exist among police officers, the strength of these differences appears to be weak, especially compared to findings in previous research. Technology challenge was the only factor that appeared to have a modest relationship with generation. Based on the findings from this study, changes to training for officers and management practices can better address these generational differences to make the workplace a more positive environment.



Generational differences, Generation, Policing, Police officers, Technology


Duron, A. (2018). <i>Generational differences among police officers</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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