An Enchanted Fan Fiction: Swift Meets Millhauser




Jennings, Skyler Kidd

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“An Enchanted Fan Fiction: Swift Meets Millhauser” combines central themes found in both Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted” and Steven Millhauser’s novella Enchanted Night – loneliness, nighttime and magic. Two different worlds become one in an enchanting tale inspired by the artists’ works. The main component of the thesis is a creative work aiming to prove that Swift’s talent for storytelling is as strong as that of critically acclaimed novelist Millhauser, undeserving of the stigma placed upon it. Because this story is based on existing creative work it falls into the genre of fan fiction, also stigmatized. An introduction discusses why neither should be stigmatized, provides key background information and addresses copyright issues. Told over the course of one summer night, the two protagonists, Adam and Taylor, face personal struggles while the Moon watches over them. Short sections and poems tell their story as they navigate a night spent in the woods for the town’s yearly tradition. Wonder, fantasy and mystery follow the two on their journey.



fan fiction, swift, Millhauser, poetry, short story, night, Honors College


Jennings, S. K. (2019). An enchanted fan fiction: Swift meets Millhauser (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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