School Micropolitics: Understanding and Preparing for Common Micropolitical Challenges that Novice Principals Encounter in K-12 Schools




Colegio, Leo

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The purpose of this dissertation was to identify common micropolitical challenges encountered by establishment stage principals during their novice stage years and associated strategies for principals to effectively respond to these challenges. Twelve establishment stage, or veteran, principals were participants in the study. This qualitative study employed case study design and used the constant comparative method to analyze data. Data included interviews, memos, and field notes, which allowed for data triangulation for trustworthiness. Findings suggested that the alignment of school vision and school culture both work toward the development of a principal’s reputation and help to manage micropolitical challenges that principals encounter. Findings also suggested that micropolitical challenges can be minimized when principals lead staff in the development of a school change protocol that can be referenced when change has been initiated from within the school or mandated from outside of the school organization. This dissertation contributes a process for resolving micropolitical challenges in educational leadership. Moreover, the findings may help to enhance a principal preparation curriculum by contributing a set of new guiding principles related to leadership and school micropolitics.



Leadership, Micropolitical literacy


Colegio, L. (2018). <i>School micropolitics: Understanding and preparing for common micropolitical challenges that novice principals encounter in K-12 schools</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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