[Book Review] The Human Tradition in Modern Brazil




Davis, Sonny B.

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The Human Tradition in Modern Brazil is the seventh volume to appear as part of Scholarly Resources’ “The Human Tradition around the World Series” under the guidance of series editors William H. Beezley and Colin M. Maclachlan. In this volume, editor Peter M. Beattie has gathered fifteen essays by American and Brazilian scholars that traces the lives of non-elite figures in Brazilian history from independence to the twenty-first century under the new “cultural history” banner. By examining the lives of these individuals, claims Beattie, one can learn much of the evolution of Brazilian society and how those from non-elite backgrounds viewed the worlds in which they lived. Through studying the variety of factors that structured average Brazilians’ interpretation of national, local, and self identities over time, and their life actions, a picture of modern Brazil emerges that relies less on elite history and more on the history of the less privileged.



Cultural history, Brazil, Brazilian societies


Davis, S. B. (2003). [Book Review] The human tradition in modern Brazil, by P. M. Beattie (ed.)]. World History Review, 1(3), pp. 39-40.


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