Kenny Dorham and Leo Wright: Texas Bebop Messengers to the World




Oliphant, Dave

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The Center for Texas Music History


Coming as I do to the study of history as a student of literature, I have found that a little known short story by Edgar Allan Poe aptly presents the "revisionist" attitude that I took toward my historical survey, Texan Jazz, soon after it was published by the University of Texas Press in 1996. Having traced the contributions of Texas musicians to jazz history over a period of almost one hundred years, from Scott Joplin’s "Maple Leaf Rag" of 1899 through Blind Lemon Jefferson’s 1920s country blues and on to Marchel Ivery and Cedar Walton’s 1994 recording of "Every Time We Say Goodbye," I came, after the publication of my book, to appreciate greatly the views on revising a work of history as expressed by the Egyptian character in Poe’s short story entitled “ Some Words With a Mummy.”



Texan jazz, Texas musicians, Texas, Music, History, Dorham, Kenny, Wright, Leo



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