Skies Above Are Clear: A Visual and Written Journey Through the Human Experience




Lamia, Juliana

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Poetry is a cathartic art form, connecting humanity through common experiences. The Texas sky radiates its own special beauty that has the power to evoke strong feelings in those who stop to appreciate it. This book combines pieces of poetry I have written with my photographs of the Texas sky. Melding these two distinctive visual art forms creates an opportunity to enhance the reader’s emotional experience of both. The poems are separated into four sections, each speaking to a different part of the human journey. The text is paired with photos of the Texas sky that emulate a similar feeling. Readers are given these two different forms of visual stimuli to explore and deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and the universal human condition.



poetry, photography, Honors College


Lamia, J. (2021). Skies above are clear: A visual and written journey through the human experience (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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