Content Marketing: Advertisers Navigate the Plugged-in Generation




Reid, Alexandria

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This thesis examines how the current generation’s transformative use of social media has influenced the medium, the marketplace and the methods the advertising industry uses to reach consumers. Historically, technology has always played a major role in the evolution and power of advertising, from the printing press to digital and mobile technology. As a result of such advances, advertisers have developed creative and innovative strategies to reach their audiences. This thesis considers the current use of content marketing to reach the marketplace and its various target audiences. The methodology used to study this subject consists of: Several secondary resources, combing journals, trade publications, other publications and published resources. Primary research: results from a survey of 100 respondents assessing common uses of social media, and Analysis of several examples of content marketing. Through these methods, this thesis reveals how content marketing is addressing the advertising industry’s adaptation to the habits of today’s media consumers who have viewed advertising as a distraction and have attempted to bypass it for preferred web and social media content.



advertising, marketing, millennial, Internet, social media, Honors College


Reid, A. (2015). Content marketing: Advertisers navigate the plugged-in generation (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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