Open Source Digital Ecosystems for Accelerating Global Research, Innovation and Collaboration




Uzwyshyn, Raymond

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Can we better enable scholarly research network ecosystem possibilities on global levels? Is it time to begin thinking about systematically empowering a global research community collectively? In the last 5 years, Texas State University Libraries has developed a robust open source digital ecosystem to support research and collaboration. The ecosystem is interdisciplinary serving research faculty and graduate students and connecting them to global research communities. It is also especially suited to the needs of Open Science, Public Health and STEM disciplines comprising a suite of open-source tools and focusing upon: an online research data repository (Dataverse), an electronic thesis and dissertation management system (Vireo), a digital text/institutional repository (DSpace), online exhibit/content management software (OMEKA), identity management system (ORCID) and online academic journal software (OJS3). This lightning talk focuses on the potential of this ecosystem for creating a larger global network. The talk briefly introduces this ecosystem, reviewing innovation, software components and focusing on research universities and potential for future collaborative global opportunities and roadmaps that such open source research ecosystems afford . The presentation forwards a new one server/per research institution model to enable approximately 1000-1250 higher education research-focused universities globally to utilize such open source digital ecosystems to accelerate global research, innovation and collaboration. The presentation pragmatically reviews open source research software possibilities and how libraries, IT departments and research centered institutions can enable their researchers through online digital ecosystem possibilities on global levels.



digital research ecosystems, open science, research tools, open source software, global research, research universities, research institutes



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