Development of an Instrument to Assess Collegiate Rodeo Athletes' Treatment-Seeking Behavior




Casper, Kimberly

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<b>Context:</b> In order to successfully return to sport after sustaining an athletic injury seeking treatment from a medical professional is essential. Despite the current research related to the rate of treatment seeking behavior in the general population, rodeo athletes have not been included. In addition, to our knowledge, an instrument to evaluate treatment seeking behavior in collegiate rodeo athletes has not been created. <b>Objective:</b> To present the methodology and preliminary findings to develop and validate an instrument to assess collegiate rodeo athlete’s treatment seeking behavior. <b>Design:</b> Exploratory factor analysis <b>Setting:</b> Field-based study. <b>Participants:</b> 51 collegiate rodeo athletes. <b>Interventions:</b> Patient-oriented outcome measures. <b>Main Outcome Measurements:</b> Reliability and Validity for Athletic identity, benefits/behavioral beliefs/attitude, subjective normality, and perceived behavioral control scores. Cronbach Alpha scores were utilized to determine reliability and a factor analysis was utilized to determine validity. <b>Results:</b> Acceptable Cronbach Alpha reliability estimates were observed for all four scales: athletic identity (.799), attitudes (.846), social normality (.839), and perceived behavioral control (.765). A series of confirmatory factor analyses indicate that the factor structure of the developed instrument is best expressed as a 42-item 4-factor model. <b>Conclusion:</b> The preliminary results from this study revealed acceptable reliability and validity scores of the created items in the instrument. These findings provide a framework for further research to evaluate treatment seeking behavior within collegiate rodeo athletes utilizing the developed instrument.



Treatment seeking behavior, Health belief model, Theory of Planned Behavior, Collegiate rodeo athletes


Casper, K. (2019). <i>Development of an instrument to assess collegiate rodeo athletes' treatment-seeking behavior</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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