Regional Climate Change and Its Impacts on Water Resources in Texas




Wu, Guangyu

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The availability of water resources in a given area is sensitive to climate conditions that vary over time. Some areas of Texas are vulnerable to climate change due to the unique geographic location and climate patterns of Texas. Based on projected population growth in Texas in the next few decades and the uncertainty in climate change, there is a need to study the impacts of climate change on water resources in Texas. This dissertation aims to:(]) simulate different climate change scenarios of Texas for a 25-year period from 2006 to 2030; and (2) investigate the impacts of climate change on the availability of water resources in Texas. Specifically, this dissertation attempts to provide answers to the set of questions listed below. I) What is the trend of climate change in Texas from 2006 to 2030? Would Texas become drier or wetter in these years? 2) Based on the simulated results of climate change in Texas, what is the consequent geographic distribution of changes in precipitation and temperature in Texas for the period of 2006-2030 compared to known historical data? 3) Based on results from integrated climate-hydrologic modeling and analysis, what are the spatial and temporal variations of the availability of water resources across Texas in the 25-year period? 4) Among the sixteen water planning regions in Texas, which ones will receive more rainfall and hence see more water, and which ones will experience less rainfall?



water supply, climatic changes, precipitation variability, long-range weather forecasting


Wu, G. (2008). Regional climate change and its impacts on water resources in Texas (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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