Type Cast: A Screenplay




Ritchie, Caleb

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The experiences of people of color and women are some of the most under-represented and over-stereotyped realities of media. This screenplay addresses the restrictions that society has put on women and minorities, while keeping into account the responsibility that a white writer has to not silence the experiences of others. Lila is the lead female role who is tired of being sexualized and calls for an end to the assumptions that she needs validation through the attention of others. Julian is a black man who has grown weary of the masculine and racial expectations that he is held to as a minority. Through an unorthodox friendship, both Lila and Julian find their voices. Lila and Julian most prominently express the desire to have their stories told with acknowledgment of their personalities instead of their demographic. The story takes place within the experiences of Wyatt, a writer and director, who is attempting to create a narrative with depth and imagination, without stereotyping his characters. Through discussions with people who have dealt with prejudice, Wyatt has an awakening to his own biases and discovers what it means to relay the stories of those without a voice.



type casting, diversity, equality, creativity, writing, screenplay, stereotyping, Honors College


Ritchie, C. (2018). Type cast: A screenplay (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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