Modeling Contract Bridge Bid Opening Strategies using the aspps System




East, Deborah

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Contract bridge is a popular and complex card game which has two distinct phases: the auction (bidding) and play. The result of the bidding is a contract (the number of tricks to be taken during play and the trump suit). Success depends as much on the contract as on the play. The difficulty in bidding has resulted in the development of strategies for bidding. In this paper, we model the opening strategies based on variations of precision and Standard American. The language of logic PS+ is used for encoding data and defining the rules for the bridge opening program. We take advantage of the nonmonotonic properties of the language of logic PS+ to model contract bridge openings. The aspps system consists of two modules: psgrnd (for grounding a problem definition with the data of an instance of the problem) and the aspps solver. We show that the aspps system generates answer--sets for our bridge opening program where each answer--set is an opening bid.



nonmonotonic logic, answer-set programming, logic programming, constraint satisfaction, contract bridge, bidding strategies, Computer Science


East, D. (2006). Modeling contract bridge bid opening strategies using the aspps system (Report No. TXSTATE-CS-TR-2006-3). Texas State University-San Marcos, Department of Computer Science.


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