An Ethnographic Study of Masculinity in the Digital Age: College Students' Perceptions and Experiences




Lord, Kayli V.

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As the internet becomes increasingly pervasive in the life of undergraduates, it is consequently a mode of communicating identities in anonymous and polarizing ways. This study explores the implications for these online identities with questions such as what the different ways roles are portrayed online and in person interactions? Is the performance of these roles more visible on some sites rather than others? This project consists of one-time interviews with students, investigating their perceptions of hegemonic gender roles online and in real life. These interviews serve to bridge the gap in research on hegemonic gender roles and the different ways they are portrayed online and in real life. Interaction with peers in chosen communities changes as well because it is direct in the form of a picture, comment or post. Expression of oneself has become remarkably different on the internet because of the ability to block people and the different reasons students choose to have an online presence in the first place.



anonymity, performance, polarization, social media, masculinity, toxic masculinity, Honors College


Lord, K. V. (2020). An ethnographic study of masculinity in the digital age: College students' perceptions and experiences (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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