Exploring Emotional Identification and Regulation in Communication Design Through Autoethnography




Hoover, Tiana

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This research intends to study emotional regulation skills and how visual expression can be an instrument in communicating beyond words. It explores the reasoning behind different abilities in regulating emotions such as generational trauma and childhood adversity. It also aims to create awareness for the importance of practicing emotional identification and educate how one can utilize materials around us to immerse themselves into emotional sublimination, more specifically, through creativity and visual expression. Creativity and emotional identification will be explored by way of a multi-level aid developed to help narrow down the creator’s emotional state at the time of creation. This thesis will also review the current blending of emotion and visual communication design through examples of existing integrations. Exploring emotionally inclusive design might help define and implement emotional intelligence to produce more effective and inclusive design. Additional purposes include further development in healing trauma, mental health, creative expression, and potential coping tools.



Emotions, Relationships, Typography, Expressive typography, Auto-ethnography, Design process, Trauma, Communication, Communication design, Coping, Emotional regulation, Feeling exploration, Design education, Mental health


Hoover, T. (2022). <i>Exploring emotional identification and regulation in communication design through autoethnography</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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