Health Care, Immigration, and the 2008 Presidential Elections: A Comparison of Coverage in Corporate and Independent Latino-Oriented Newspapers in Austin and San Antonio




Garcia, Maira Lysette

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Central Texas is home to several Latino-oriented newspapers, which include Spanish-language and bilingual formats. Several topics of significant relevance to the Latino community made major headlines in traditional and Latino-oriented media this spring, particularly immigration, health care, and the 2008 presidential election. Four Central Texas newspapers were selected to examine their coverage of these three topics. A content analysis of these publication revealed corporate or independent ownership may not be in factor in the local or national angle in the stories on the issues of immigration, health care, and the presidential elections.



Latino media, newspapers, election coverage, immigration, health care, mass media, Honors College


Garcia, M. L. (2007). Health care, immigration, and the 2008 presidential elections: A comparison of coverage in corporate and independent Latino-oriented newspapers in Austin and San Antonio (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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