Branding Importance In Municipalities: Rebranding The City Of San Marcos, Texas




Harber, Kelley McCall

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The global population is continually growing with increasing numbers of families moving into metropolitan areas both large and small. As populations increase and uninhabited land decreases, competition between cities becomes more aggressive in order to attract potential investment and to increase population size. In this competitive dynamic, a strong brand presence is critical. And as a result of this, an increased need for city branding has developed. In July of 2009, the city council of San Marcos began work on a project to rebrand the city. The goal of the rebrand was to increase investment and development within the city, attract more tourism, and to create a consistent brand identity and messaging platform. The city released a request for proposals to design agencies that identified the goals of the rebrand as needing to develop a unique and consistent identity for the city in order to successfully attract inward investment to the city. <p>Through the research, process, design, and implementation outlined in this thesis, a new brand identity for the city of San Marcos, Texas is created. The new city brand and identity is an example of consistent brand implementation across multiple marketing mediums including marketing materials, environmental signage, promotional items, and online sites. The brand messaging is implemented through several tactics to increase brand awareness and to attract the target investment groups. This rebranding project additionally supports the need for small municipalities to implement city branding strategies in order to attract its target investment groups. The thesis is followed by a brand process book outlining the process of the new brand creation and its implementation.</p>



Brands, Identity, Rebrand, Messaging, Municipalities, Brand importance, Logo Design, Color Palette, Marketing, Target Investment Groups, Direct Mail, Promotional Items, Type Palette


Harber, K. M. (2014). <i>Branding importance in municipalities: Rebranding the City Of San Marcos, Texas</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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