Maintaining Fulfilling Relationships in an Era of Technological Communication




Scarborough, Chloe

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Technology has become increasingly prevalent in our lives, and some of its effects can be seen in the declining quality of our relationships. As we have adapted to technology, we have moved our relationships primarily to the online world instead of regularly communicating face-to-face. This has affected the ways in which we relate to one another, especially regarding our conversation styles, our capacity for solitude, and our levels of empathy, vulnerability, and authenticity. However, through conscious awareness of how our minds and relationships have changed, we can take concrete action each day in order to develop more authenticity, vulnerability, and intimacy with those around us. We can learn to practice active listening, spend time in silence, pay attention to our unconscious thought patterns, and even attend counseling if more extreme measures are required. In applying these steps, we can achieve more fulfilling relationships with our friends, partners, family members, and anyone else that we interact with on a regular basis.



relationships, technology, empathy, authenticity, vulnerability, interpersonal communication, friendship, messaging, texting, smartphones, Honors College


Scarborough, C. (2017). Maintaining fulfilling relationships in an era of technological communication (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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