Job Satisfaction of Elementary Principals in Large Urban Communities




Mitchell, Cathryn M.

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The purpose of this study was to determine job satisfaction levels of elementary principals in "major urban" districts in Texas and to identify strategies these principals used to cope with the demands of the position. Additionally, the project sought to find structures and supports needed to attract and retain principals in the position. To address the research questions, quantitative procedures were followed. Research questions were developed and tested to investigate whether a significant relationship existed among dependent variables, factors related to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and the independent variables: (a) years of administrative experience, (b) number of years on current campus, (c) size of student enrollment, (d) percentage of students living in poverty, and (e) state accountability rating. Using Herzberg's Motivational Theory, data analysis indicated that elementary principals in "major urban" districts in Texas were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their jobs. This study will describe in further details how specific demographics such as years of administrative experience, student enrollment, and the school‘s accountability rating did impact job satisfaction. Principals indicated multiple strategies for coping with the demands of the position such as ways to meet the varied responsibilities, balancing work life and life outside of work, and networking with other colleagues. The participants suggested structures needed to support campus leaders. Mentors, support with company policies, and compensations were techniques that would help in attracting and retaining campus administrators.



Job satisfaction, Principals, MSQ, Herzberg, Principal shortage, Administrators, Urban leaders


Mitchell, C. M. (2010). <i>Job satisfaction of elementary principals in large urban communities</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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