Culture Wars Revisited: Social Media's Effect on the Culture War in America




Holley, Samantha R.

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America is attempting to define itself in so many words, but yet cannot decide on how to define them or the order to put them in. America, once known as a melting pot of ideology and culture, is now much more similar to a pit of molten lava. Tensions are high, as the public culture of America is divided, and lines are deeply drawn between two moral outlooks that cross the barriers of religion and ethnicity. By using James Davison Hunter’s model of the American culture war, this study re-examines his culture war by looking at the introduction of social media as a major contributing factor to its ability to thrive nearly a quarter of a century.



social media, culture, America, Facebook, Twitter, abortion, gun rights, same-sex marriage, social issues, LGBT, politics, Honors College


Holley, S. R. (2015). Culture wars revisited: Social media's effect on the culture war in America (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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