Women In the Men's Club: How to Survive the Chief Executive Officer Position




Price, Kathryn Renee

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In 2014 women represented 51% of the professional and technical work force in the U.S., while in the same year, women held 5.1% of Fortune 500 CEO positions (Dorning, Catalyst, Historical List of Women CEOs of the Fortune Lists). Women reach the top in successful multimillion-dollar companies, but are stopping short of earning the title Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The ones that are able to take hold of the CEO position are the outliers in society. This level of success is attributed to patterns in their career paths. What do these women have in common? This work examines five different women that have become CEOs and utilizes their different experiences to identify specific points that they share. An explanation of these five executives provides insight into what women must do to become CEO. The theory is that these patterns have contributed to at least part, if not for the whole, of their success.



women CEOs, media industry, women in leadership roles, Honors College


Price, K. R. (2015). Women in the men's club: How to survive the chief executive officer position (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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