Social Justice in Leadership Preparation: A Poststructural Exploration of a Concept From Within Liminal Spaces




Long, Tanya Alyson

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St. Pierre (2015) suggested that researchers consider entering into research through an interest in, and a deep investigation of, a specific concept. Deleuze and Guattari (1994) maintained that a concept is a nebulous structure of a network of ideas that continuously remains unfolding. Therefore, researching a concept becomes an attempt at unraveling its complexities. Through a close reading (Butler, 1995; St. Pierre, 2015) of how the literature on educational leadership preparation conceptualizes social justice, this tripartite investigation includes an integrative literature review of social justice leadership preparation (Torraco, 2005), a narrative inquiry into the lived experiences of professors of social justice (Jones, 2003, 2006; Kim, 2015; Polkinghorne, 1988; Riessman, 2008), and an exploration into the method used to transform data into an ethnodramatic, musical presentation pulled from the narratives of these professors/researchers as these stories are juxtaposed against the storied experiences of students in K-12 schools (Conlon, 2015; Saldaña, 2009). In a field that critiques itself for its limited understanding of how the concept of social justice is situated within the field (Diem & Carpenter, 2012; McKenzie et al., 2008), these investigations open spaces for critical reflection and discourses surrounding the complexities of preparing leaders for social justice work.



Social justice, Educational leadership, Educational leadership preparation


Long, T. A. (2021). <i>Social justice in leadership preparation: A poststructural exploration of a concept from within liminal spaces</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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