Economic Activity Associated with Wildlife Observation Along the Texas Gulf Coast



Charles, Joni S. J.

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This report focuses on estimating the economic activity1 associated with wildlife observation2 in Sabine Lake/Sabine-Neches Estuary, Galveston Bay/Trinity-San Jacinto Estuary, Matagorda Bay/Lavaca-Colorado Estuary, San Antonio Bay/Guadalupe Estuary, Aransas Bay/Mission-Aransas Estuary, Corpus Christi Bay/Nueces Estuary, Baffin Bay/Upper Laguna Madre Estuary, and South Bay/Lower Laguna Madre Estuary. Each bay/estuary area will define a separate geographic region of study comprised of one or more counties. The results show trip- and equipment-related spending of residents and non-residents on wildlife observation in each of these regions and the impact this spending had on the economy in terms of earnings, employment and sales output. Birding is assumed to be the main activity associated with wildlife observation in the regions of interest to this study.



water quality, wildlife, Texas Gulf Coast


Charles, J. S. J. (2005). Economic activity associated with wildlife observation along the Texas Gulf Coast (Report No. 2005-04). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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