Leveraging the Copewell Framework to Foster Community Resilience and Research Networks




Schneider, Jessica
Long, Rex
Trevino, Britney
Repasky, Emily C.

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Translational Health Research Center


The Translational Health Research Center (THRC) engages in dissemination and implementation strategies to accelerate the translation of research to improve resilience in Texas communities. Developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the Composite of Post Event Well-Being (COPEWELL) model fosters local resilience through an evidence-based suite of tools and whole-of-community approach. This report summarizes our efforts to extend awareness and application of the COPEWELL model in Texas. In Fall 2022, THRC partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to host a two-day virtual town hall to introduce COPEWELL to a Texas audience, including local governments, emergency management divisions, non-profits, and public libraries. Through our dissemination efforts, we identified the Texas State Library and Archives Commission as a partner for COPEWELL implementation. As of Spring 2023, implementation is ongoing with pilot studies launched in two Texas communities and plans to extend the project to additional communities in Texas. The project has also afforded applied research opportunities for faculty, doctoral, and graduate students at Texas State University. Through these research and community-based partnerships, THRC has laid a foundation to improve community resilience in Texas.



Composite of Post Event Well-Being, COPEWELL, town Hall, community resilience


Schneider, J., Long, R., Treviño, B., & Repasky, E. (2023). Leveraging the COPEWELL Framework to foster community resilience and research networks. Translational Health Research Center, Texas State University.


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