Examining Individual Transition from Healthcare to Information Technology Roles using the Theory of Planned Behavior




Johnston, Rebecca

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Some non-clinical healthcare positions are evolving due to the wide-spread adoption of electronic health records. The focus of this study is to identify which factors influenced an individual’s decision to transition from a healthcare role to an information technology position. The author used a behavioral model based on the theory of planned behavior to evaluate attitudes, normative beliefs, and self-efficacy. An additional element was added to understand how education affected one’s self-efficacy. An online convenience survey was sent to healthcare professionals to determine which factors influenced their transition from healthcare roles to information technology. The findings revealed that individuals in healthcare are not considering a transition from healthcare positions to IT roles. Additionally, the results pertaining to self-efficacy and IT education efficacy were not significant for the male population.



Theory of planned behavior, Education, Healthcare, Career choices, Information technology


Johnston, R. (2019). <i>Examining individual transition from healthcare to information technology roles using the theory of planned behavior</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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